Electronics & Electrical Appliances

Shiyu Trading is keen on providing high-quality technology of household & electronic appliances

in every hotel or a restaurant with the purpose of facilitating people’s lives.

Shiyu provides electronic and electrical appliances including televisions,  refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines to private consumers, hospitality and companies alike. We provide products that are necessary for today and tomorrow.

Future is here



The future of the hotel industry is the hotel automation. Today hotels who want to excel in their field can not renounce from giving that little bit extra to their customers. The automation technology allows improved management and energy efficiency thus helping to avoid waste and to embrace an optimized business model and environmentally friendly.


A hotel automation system allows you to interface and control all devices in the structure, to control and optimize timing of your employees, to ensure supervision service of each room directly from reception; in other words: to have a total control over your hotel.


Premium up to date TVs and Entertainment systems is a crucial  need for hospitality services wether it is hotels, restaurants or even residency apartments. 

Enjoy your Coffee

top notch coffee machines


The future of coffee making is here. Today whether you need your morning coffee or enjoying a simple afternoon coffee at home, the automation technology has made it possible for everyone to enjoy a simple cup of coffee while helping to avoid waste and to embrace an optimized business model and environmentally friendly.


Coffee machines have walked strides in the coffee making industry, implementing technology and automation in the process made it easy and efficient for any business. If you are looking to speed up your business and avoid lining up customers, you've come to the right place.