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Face Shield

Face Shield

Designed based on human engineering, With silicone band, it is more comfortable when touching with human skin. With high polymer material, prevent ourselves from impacting and liquid splashing effectively Lens with high transmittance PTE film in premier quality, it is much transparent and clearness. Easy to match with your head by adjusting the elastic band. Our face shield produced with high polymer material; it is light and easy to protect ourselves. Silicone band, warm in winter and cool in summer, Closely touch your skin comfortably—usage in hospitals, outdoors, and in daily life, preventing us from dust, harmful liquids, and spraying.



Face Shield – A face shield is a device used to protect the user’s eyes and face from bodily fluids, liquid splashes, or potentially infectious materials. Generally, a face shield is situated at the crown of the head and is constructed with plastic to cover the user’s eyes and face.


Product Name: Disposable Protect Face Shield With Plastic Shield * Double anti-fog PET. * Size: 32*22cm, etc. * With a thick sponge, make very comfortable. * OEM service. The similarities between surgical masks and surgical N95s are:
  • Tested for fluid resistance, filtration efficiency (particulate filtration efficiency and bacterial filtration efficiency), flammability, and biocompatibility.
  • They should not be shared or reused.
    ItemAnti Virus PET Plastic Protective Face Shields
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FDA recommends that HCP follow current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance regarding PPE that should be used during the COVID-19 outbreak.16 Health care employers must also comply with standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that require PPE to protect workers and that apply to infectious disease hazards.17 To help foster the availability of equipment that might offer some benefit to HCP and the general public during the COVID-19 outbreak, for the duration of the public health emergency, FDA does not intend to object to the distribution and use of face shields that are intended for a medical purpose (whether used by medical personnel or the general public), without compliance with the following regulatory requirements where the face shield does not create an undue risk in light of the public health emergency: Registration and Listing requirements in 21 CFR 807, Quality System Regulation requirements in 21 CFR Part 820, Reports of Corrections and Removals in 21 CFR Part 806, and Unique Device Identification requirements in 21 CFR Part 830 and 21 CFR 801.20. FDA currently believes such devices would not create such an undue risk where: • The product includes labeling that accurately describes the product as a face shield and includes a list of the body contacting materials (which does not include any drugs, or biologics); • The face shield does not contain any materials that will cause flammability, or the product meets Class I or Class II flammability requirement per 16 CFR 1610 (unless labeled with a recommendation against use in the presence of high intensity heat source or flammable gas);