Shiyu Trading


  • Paper
  • Plastic Cups
  • Foam Plates

Paper Production Lines

Shiyu Trading provides the world’s most comprehensive services to paper manufacturers worldwide. Our facilities have the entire paper machine process covered, from stock preparation to coatings and everything between, providing customers with excellent service and reliable results to support in investment decisions.

Plastic Cups

the production of plastic table wares and straw pipes used in hotels, companies, factories.
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foam trays and cups



Shiyu Trading offers you the finest and most luxurious types of foam containers made specifically for the food products from the highest shockproof foam materials.


Water purification and packing systems

Water is first fed into the Pre Filter unit
In the filter unit, the sand, dirt, and other sediments are removed from the water
The water is then passed through carbon filters where chlorine is removed from the water
After passing through chorine filter beds, the water then goes through the post-filter unit
Any remaining tastes and odors are removed from the product water by post filtration